Monday, September 28, 2009

London Vespa Bar

It honestly amazes me when sometimes, social media sites are actually able to be good for things other than updating people you haven't seen since high school, having a winge and exchanging procrastination-facilitating links like that awesome new video Gran Turismo 5's creators have put together as an ode to the new Ferrari 458 Italia.... ahem. I received a note on my Twitter account a while back asking about a photo that I took of the GTS300 on it's first weekend out that was featured on the official Vespa homepages as the community section header for a couple of months. The tweet was about a Vespa themed bar being set up in London, with the interest in using my image as a feature on one of their walls. Naturally I was rapt, sold them the image and they had it printed on canvas. It looks amazing - they sent me some photos which I've included below, and I post now wearing a big proud grin.

I'm going to have to go visit in person when I finally get over to England for a trip.


  1. What's the name of this bar? I'm keen to have a look.

    (nice blog by the way)

  2. Hey, thanks - it's called Vesbar. Address I was given is 15-19 Goldhawk Rd, London W12.