Friday, April 10, 2009

eBay find

I found this gorgeous little resto up on eBay - 1966 Vespa 150cc Super. I've developed a recent soft spot for the 150 Supers, since they were the original Vespa to bear the 'Super' name, and hence the one that mine owes it's heritage to. See those hips, and that air-intake vent on the right flank for the engine?

With any resto of course there's always the trepidation of where it's come from, and what its history has been - eg. I've been told never to buy anything from Asia, because they'll have been run to death and repaired with whatever is on hand at the time. This one's a little beauty though. I hope she's a good one, and hope she finds a good home.

I've got it in my head that I'd like the project of buying an old one and restoring it myself - when I have my own garage to make a mess of. This would be the base model I'd start form.

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  1. That is most definitely a bodge. There's some great FAQS out there to help recognize these so you don't make the mistake of buying one. Check out. There's always better ways to find vintage scoots than e-bay. check out my blog. I never list bodges.