Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A vinyled S

This little crowd-stealer was parked in the entrance of a cafe adjacent to Telstra Dome. The photos were taken on the day of the Adobe Roadshow back in Feb.

I think they've gone a bit vinyl crazy with the Italy-coloured stripes, but for once the lines actually compliment the S' shape quite nicely. I get a kick out of seeing cafes/shops that use Vespas as drawcards. Often, you see the old classic models in the window, probably because the shop bought it cheap after someone else spent a fortune importing from Vietnam and found the brakepads were made from packed grass. The other half of the time you see the newer models, but not done tastefully - eg. they'll just be parked on the street and have a whopping great laminated printout pegged to the front. But this one's a looker. Almost makes me wonder if Vespa had donated it for the high-pedestrian football season the area will have.

I'm still waiting for the S' square headlight to grow on me.
Hasn't yet.

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