Sunday, April 19, 2009

Melbourne Art Fair

Is it completely weird that I love it when I get to park next to another Vespa? A very bright and shiny little PX200 and my GTS300 outside the Melbourne Art Fair I got tickets to this Sunday.
It was an interesting event - alot of stuggling artists, and then the few that obviously paint as a retirement gig. And the emphasis on the painting medium was a downside - don't get me wrong, I love Dali and Caravaggio and associated followers, but if you label it an 'art fair' surely you've got to be able to open your eyes to a more egalitarian distribution of mediums? Where was the digital? Where were the designers? There was a gorgeous steampunk inspired piece though, and had a nice chat with a guy about one of Dali's influences that painted 400 years before him. That was great. Plus I kinda got kicks out of watching the heads turn to these two beauties as the art purchasers passed them with their wrapped up canvases.

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